Take Entry into Private Instagram Profile by Creating a Fake Account


As you know that, there are hundreds of different ways to watch any person’s private Instagram profile, photos, and videos, so you also know that among all the ways, which one is the best and simple? Well, among all the ways one of the best and simplest way by which one can easily View Private Instagram profile of anybody is by creating a fake account with the name of the girl.

All you need to do is create a fake account with the name of the girl and then send the following request to that person whom you want to View Private Instagram profiles and photos. The same process described below in full version and all people should know properly about it. Following are some steps which you need to follow properly as to get entry into the person’s private Instagram account you want –

  • First of all, you need to create a fake account by the name of the girl. You must create a fake account with a good name that of the female.
  • After then, you need to share some decent and good-looking photos and videos in it.
  • Then the next step is to make that fake Instagram account private. It is because the same thing enhances the curiosity to the people.
  • Then you have to send a follow request to that person whom you wish to View Private Instagram profile and photos.
  • At last, if that person accepts your request, then it’s good. Otherwise, you have to send a message directly to that person and tell everything directly about your intention towards him.

These are some steps, which include in the process of creating a fame Instagram account for watching any person’s private Instagram profile.


Therefore, it is the best and classic way among all the methods present out there to view someone’s private profile and photos on Instagram.