Learn 3 important aspects of the Family Zoo: The Story


Family zoo: the story is a management and intellectual game where you will get a chance to build your own zoo. The game has a puzzle in the form of genre, and it is published by Plarium LLC. The game is very interesting, and you can play it on your smartphone.

    Tips and tricks of the following game

To know more about the game you and also watch the video where all the important aspects of the game are well mentioned whether it is about tricks, tips or whether it can be based on features. You can also use the help option if you had any query related to the game.

    Apply new tricks to make animals happy

Under your care, you can save the lives of animals living in a zoo and also provide them a comfortable and better life. Every animal has the right to live their life happily and smoothly, and the game providing the best out of it. You can also provide them new toys for fun and also teach new tricks; all is done to make animals happy. Pacificskygames.com will provide you all the items, coins and tickets for free. This is the best tool to gain infinite items for your game, and also you were able to add one member in the zoo family.

    Gain visitor attraction

Charlotte is the name of the character which has the responsibility to save the life of animals living in a zoo. Built your family zoo in the way where not only animals feel safe, secure, and happy, but also the visitors also feels happy after visiting them. You can earn more coins by constructing the elements which develop the attraction of visitors like food stands, rides, and coffee shops.