Interesting information about aviation

Aviation is the sensible work nature or art of the aeronautics which includes development, design, building, process and use of the aircraft. The word aviation is established by French writer who is the retired naval officer Gabriel La Landelle. At present the aviation might begin with initial untethered human thinner than the air flight in the year of 1783. Rigid airship is the primary aircraft in order to transport passenger and cargo to the great distance. Basically five major manufacturers of the civil transport aircraft are there such as bombardier, airbus, boeing, embraer and United aircraft corporation. At the same time different types of the military aviations are available such as bombers, ground attack aircraft, fighter aircraft unmanned aerial vehicles and transport aircraft. Aviation accident is mostly defined by convention on the international civil aviation.

Air traffic control may involve communication with the aircraft that is useful to maintain separation. Numerous numbers of the air traffic control are available such as control towers, center controller, terminal controller and oceanic controller. General aviation is considered as the term for all kinds of civil aviation operations when compared to non scheduled air transport operations and scheduled air service for hire or remuneration. General aviation might cover huge range of the activities in both non commercial and commercial such as flight training, flying clubs, light aircraft maintenance and manufacturing. Online is the best platform to gather information about aviation. It is broadly divided into the civil and military aviation. Indian air force is world’s 4th largest air force along with the primary responsibility to secure Indian airspace. Most of the studies say that more than 22 airlines are operating in India which includes Pawan Hans and Air India. It is most famous in North America and tries to do some research so that you can get detailed information about general aviation.