Homescapes – Simple Ways to Get Coins and Stars in it!


If you are a Homescapes player and you need to earn all types of in-game currency in it, then you absolutely come at the right place. Here you find the best and top-class ways by which you simply get a good amount of currency and rewards in Homescapes. Before the same, one should know that the in-game currency in Homescapes is present 2 types and both the main types are as follows –

  • Coins – It is the primary currency in the game which gamers have to earn in huge amount as to go far in Homescapes.
  • Stars – Another main type of currency is stars which is very important to earn and used in various buying and upgrading process.

Therefore, these are the best and main type of in-game currencies that are present in Homescapes and all players have to earn them in huge amount to play the game properly. Players have to read Homescapes Review to know everything about currency.

Methods to earn coins and stars

Below are the main and simple methods present by which gamers easily become able to earn currency.

  • Gamers of Homescapes easily make use of cheats and hack to earn a specific amount of coins and stars accordingly. It is the easiest method among all to grab a good amount of currency.
  • Players of Homescapes easily get rewards, coins, stars and all other essential things in it by connecting the game with their Facebook account. It is the simplest way to make progress in Homescapes.
  • Also, users can simply go ahead in the game by completing more number of objectives, events and challenges.

Finally, these are the perfect ways to grab a huge amount of coins, stars and rewards in Homescapes without putting efforts in it.