All you need to know about the 2 pros of Homescape game


Homescapes is a game where you had to build powerful and impressive house from the bad one. It is fun game which is played carefully to obtain all the requisite resources for your task. To obtain best position in the game, it is recommended to you that wait for a few seconds and observe the play way of the game as is will help you a lot further in the game.

Pros of game

  • One can easily rebuilt their dream home and also learn about the features to be added in the house to look it more nice and beautiful.
  • The graphics of the game is fabulous and stunning and looks nice and clean.

Complete combos for levels

You had only one purpose that is to clear the row or column to power up the rocket so that you were easily able to obtain the match in the straight line. The other power ups are plane, rainbow ball and the bomb. It is very crucial to know the purpose of the game and after that you know how to obtain them by completing several points. You will achieve powerful combos when you were able to swap up the power ups for the game. You can also check homescaps Review which will help you to know about the steps taken to achieve more power ups for the play way.

Purpose of the game

To know how to build up power up combos you have to clear one row and the column to obtain two rockets. Likewise you had to complete all the combos to for one level. When one level is completed then only you will be transferred into the next level otherwise you had to play from the starting.